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Access to this application from an untrusted workstation, including but not limited to cyber cafes and public kiosks is prohibited.
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In case you are trying to upload multiple files at the same time, please note that your uploads would be processed sequentially one after another. Also, you may not be able to see the exact upload progress due to browser restrictions. Please be patient and wait for the confirmation page and do not close the browser till all requested uploads have been completed.

Welcome to the ERT MyDataUploader™ website

The ERT MyDataUploader™ website is designed to upload data files from your ERT device to the study database at ERT. Please click on Help for detailed instructions on how to use the MyDataUploader™.

a) Insert the transfer medium labeled "Transfer" containing the data file from your ERT device.
b) Click the "Choose File" button and navigate to the inserted transfer medium labeled "TRANSFER".
c) Select the data file on the inserted transfer medium and press the button to open the file.
2. After the data file has been selected and opened, click the "Upload" button to upload the data file to ERT.

The duration of the upload process depends on your internet connection and the size of the data file being uploaded.

In case you experience any problems, please contact Customer Care preferably by phone.